My Baclofen Pump Trial!

Last week I went into hospital for the baclofen pump trial. The physios measured the amount of movement in my joints first. 0 seems to be normal. My hip flexion was slightly off on the right and they gave me a 1 as was knee flexion. The foot was a 3/4 as they had difficulty pushing it up to 90 degrees. I had the baclofen given to me then by a lumbar puncture. I instantly felt drousy. Two hours later they came back to test my joints. The hip and knee were now 0 but the foot/ankle had not changed as they still could not push it up to 90 degrees and my calf still screamed at me when I tried to put my heel down on the ground. My hammer toes also did not relax. When I did the walking test I was much the same as before.

I have to discuss the test with my consultant but I dont think it is for me. I am wondering if I have calf contracture which I read does not respond to baclofen. Surgery may be required to lengthen the tendons. Physios told me to stretch, stretch and do more stretches.

It is so weird that my left leg has no sign of problem.

Moyna xxx

Sounds like an awful ordeal Moyna, so sorry it didn’t help you.

I have a shortened tendon in my hand. It was very painful, surgeon thought he could help it with injections but although that helped the pain it soon came back. I was offered an operation but was a tad reluctant so left it for ages whilst I made up my mind. So pleased I did, neuro physio just told me to constantly stretch it and eventually the pain went away …tendon still very short but I can cope with that as it no longer hurts.

Good luck, let us all know how you get on.

Nina x

Yes, loads of stretches, I’m currently doing that one where I hang my heels off a stair, my physio was basically saying get a couple more degrees bend in your ankle before you try FES

Fingers crossed you won’t need surgery. Have you thought about trying a foam roller, it’s the only thing I can do for my quads, I find them so hard to stretch… I’ll see if I can find a youtube clip for you. the foam roller is supposed to help lengthen muscles (I bought one when I was focused on the splits! but now find it helpful)

Sonia x

See if this makes sense, I’m sure I paid £15 ish for mine on ebay.

Sonia x

Moyna that all sounds pretty much like a rough trial and I’m sorry it didn’t help you. It’s awful when you get your hopes up then dashed again. Hope the stretching helps and a solution can be found

Cath xx