My ATOS Assessment was cancelled

I wanted to share my experience in case it benefits anyone else. At the time my ATOS appointment was made I had appealed against a decision that I was not entitled to DLA. The appeal was subsequently reversed and I receive the higher rate of mobility and the lower rate of care. I can only eat hot food if it will go in a microwave. I either have to buy micro meals myself or have meals-on-wheels that need to be heated in a microwave anyway. I get dizzy if I move around to much as well as having petit-Mal epilepsy ‘seizures’. Anyway, they sent me an appointment, and I asked for the assessment to be recorded, so they made me another appointment when the equipment was free. My doctor also wrote a letter asking them to provide transport due to my mobility problems. I used to walk to my GP, now I have to get a taxi. I guess that is what DLA is for. I faxed that over to over to them and they explained that they didn’t supply transport, but I could claim the cost and they would refund it. I had received further reports from my Neurologist etc … that I’d received since the initial claim. Although the DLA and ATOS share all information through the DWP database, it is a good idea to send as much as possible to every claim you make for benefits paid by the DWP. Shortly after that, I received a letter saying that I did not need to attend an assessment. After that, I received a letter advising me I was to be put into the group that did not require me to attend anywhere, and that my benefits would be reassessed in February 2014 -a year after my claim for DLA- and I would also be receiving almost £50 extra, support . [Edited] ATOS don’t make the final decision, they make a recommendation to the DWP, who make the final decision, which is why it’s important that all departments receive as much as possible. If any of them do contact your GP directly, all departments will have access to it. If you have not shared all information with your GP, or are not sure if they’ve received enough info from your Neuro. ask to see a copy of your GPs report before s/he sends it. Always appeal any decision you do not think is correct. You can Appeal by phone, and if you don’t like that result, then you can appeal in writing. My suggestion as that you Appeal by phone asking them to send copies of all the information they made the decision on, so that you know what they don’t have. They will post that to you [edited] The DWP take 4-6 weeks to respond. If you appeal, you can send information not available when you first claimed. Hope that helps anyone.