My advice on Hair Loss

Hey All!

After having receiving so much help from all of you, I thought it was time to share something I tried that may be of interest for you! :slight_smile:

Like many of you, I have lost quite a lot of hair. I am a 40 year old women, and I love, love, love my long hair. After the diagnosis 6 months ago, I had lost so much of it through the anxiety and stress that I was experiencing, that it just looked stupid. It was always flat to the head, weighed down and thin. I had to cut about 20cm off. But it was still long-ish. However, the hair loss continued, maybe also because I started on Tecfidera, and the chemical change caused a bit of havoc with my body. I made the hard decision to cut my hair short, booked the appointment at the hair dresser. Now, I have no problem with short hair, lots of people look awesome with it! It was just the fact that I HAD to go down this route that made me so very sad just thinking about it.

But a week before the appointment, my sister recommended me to try out shampoo without sulphates, and conditioner without silicone. She had mentioned this before, and I always rolled my eyes at the idea of yet another cosmetic industry fad. But as I was desperate, I gave it a go. And I tell you, within the first wash, my hair was lighter (as in less weighed down), softer, flowed across my shoulders again, all of it! I wish I had known this sooner, but it came just in time. Cancelled my hairdresser appointment, and am receiving lots of comments on the fullness (!) of my hair.

Anyway, sorry if this is a bit off topic, and I do NOT work for a manufacturer of this shampoo. :slight_smile: But I just thought if there’s just one person out there that may benefit from this, then it’s worth for me to share this!

Let me know if this is of use to you.


i became anxious about how much hair i was losing after starting tecfidera.

i told my ms nurse and she said that she had never heard of that as a side effect but she will start to keep records (she is fab).

i used alpecin shampoo and took perfectil supplements for a couple of months and my hair stopped shedding!

Just a thought (this isn’t something I’ve ever suffered with having mental thick hair!!) Biotin is supposed to be brilliant for helping your hair grow.


yep biotin is what my ms nurse reccommended.

it is in perfectil so that’s why i bought some.

my hair has always been thick but fine.

luckily it’s back to normal now.

I gave up on special shampoos and bought a wig!

Yes, true, I’ve heard that, too. Have been popping Biotin since the diagnosis. :slight_smile:

Has anyone been offered cladribine for SPMS or is there anyone currently taking this new drug I would like to know of their experiences while taking this drug as I have read about some of the possible side affects and am reluctant to try it.