MSS Gilenya news story - "not authorised" message

I see there has been a confirmed fatality of a patient who had just started Gilenya.

I would like to read the full story, but I’m getting a 403 “Not authorised” error message.

Could this be fixed please?

I would like to read the story, not only because it’s of general concern to all of us with MS, but because the neuro who assessed me for DMDs expressed some safety concerns over Gilenya, which at the time I didn’t give a lot of weight to (I’m not on it, because it wasn’t offered, but she made clear she wasn’t in favour anyway).


I would also like to read this,as I am taking Gilenya.I got the same message as you.

Yep, Reuters share news

Brenda, you can find out more on the story if you do a Google news search.

It’s not confirmed that the death was anything other than pure coincidence, but the timing is suspicious, as it was literally hours after the first dose.

The patient was OK for the first six hours (during which monitoring is advised), but died shortly after that.

The patient was in a group known to be at higher risk - which again lends weight to the suspicion it was connected to the Gilenya - but on the other hand is reassuring that there were probably special factors that don’t apply in the majority of cases.



Thanks for your replies!

I’m not hugely worried,as I took it for two years previously (on the trial),then had a break and now have been taking it for about three months.I will be following the news as it develops.

Take care,Brenda x

Have you looked on the msrc site - lots of info.

Thanks. Hadn’t looked at MSRC specifically, but plenty of other sources out there. Thank goodness for Google, eh?

I note it still isn’t fixed on this site. :frowning:



I sent them an email a few days ago about it not being available.

Thanks campion I’ll have a look on MSRC.

Anitra -I never thought to google!