Novartis Review Gilenia

Jan. 20 (Bloomberg) – European and U.S. regulators are reviewing Novartis AG’s Gilenya pill for multiple sclerosis after reports of 11 deaths among patients who took the drug. The shares fell the most in almost three months.

The reports raise concern that Gilenya, the first oral treatment for the debilitating neurological disease, may harm the heart, the European Medicines Agency said in a statement today. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it’s also reviewing data on the medicine.

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Karen x

Thanks for posting this.A bit worrying as I’m prescribed Gilenya,been taking it now since September 2011.I was also on the trial for 2 years and took the drug,not the placebo.I haven’t had any heart problems.

I wonder how long we’ll have to wait to know the decision?

Thanks again,Brenda.

I’m now on gilenia but feeling quite off colour today best take calms pills and head for bed even though its4 in the afternoon

Ouch I’m too hot that’s my name on here anyone else suffer like this?