MSers experience of modafinil

Never used the drug, but understand serious side effects are possible. I guess the usual risk/benefit analysis applies.

Interesting Whammel. Thanks for posting.

I read one of her novels recently (MJ Hyland). Very good… although very bleak… but sometimes I like a bleak novel… Not sure what that says about me, but she’s a great writer and she’s liked by Hilary Mantel. That’s recommendation enough for me.

Pat x

I had thought about telling the GP I want to try the stuff,but I’d better get a brain to enhance first.Thanks for the link,


Was on this about two years ago as had real problems waking up…not good when struggling to get to work. The .irony here is that you obviously need to be awake to take the darn thing. Yes, I did feel ‘wide awake’ after taking it but then had problems getting to sleep. Then more problems waking again. Found the experience to be a vicious circle and consequently stopped taking them after a few months. I guess I didn’t want to be taking different tablets for every function in life but would not rule them out completely as there are times when you need to be fully 'comos mentis.

my gp said he would prescribe them for me once my blood results were in

that was last year so i think i ought to see him again

carole x

Hi Derek

Thanks for posting this. I found the article very interesting. I was surprised to read that several times it stated that Modafinil was not available on prescription from NHS in the UK.

I have been getting Modafinil for several years now, prescribed by my neurologist, and on repeat prescription from my GP.

I take 400mg per day and know I couldn’t possibly function without it.

I would recommend it to anyone suffering from MS fatigue.


I enjoyed this article - big sell for Modafinal. This academic had a long article about getting MS in the Observer and in Granta last October. Good to be able to make money out of the horrid disease.