MS Versus genetic laziness

Afternoon all,

As all of us MSers know (and other folks with autoimmune conditions such as RA…just for my pal with RA so she doesn’t complain) that rest is a very good thing. It allows us to attempt to recharge our batteries so we can live and enjoy as full a life as possible).

Whenever I speak to my MS nurse she always reminds me to rest…rest…and rest some more!!!

My wonderful wife tells me to rest…rest…and rest some more!!!

My brilliant mum tells me to rest…etc etc. You get the picture!!

So we know we have to rest. I understand that and I do try to rest.

However, as a genetically lazy sod how do I work out if I’m actually resting or just being lazy? My days are now structured so I work for a bit then rest then work then rest etc.

Does it mean if I go over my rest periods I’m being lazy?

Or am I just that fatigued I need the extra rest?

I have a theory that if I am asleep, lying down or reading then that counts as rest. If I am watching telly or playing a game on the laptop then that’s just being lazy.

What do you folks think? When does rest become laziness?

I suppose as long as I complete all of my work then I can rest (or be lazy).

Right, that’s enough for now as I do need to have my morning rest (no telly, playing or reading allowed as per instructions from my wife!!!) Stay strong MSers,


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I tend to know the difference between fatigue and when I am a lazy cow - usually its in reference to the gym. There is nothing wrong with being lazy occasionally, as long as it is occasionally but it can be a bit of a get-out-clause for some of us that aren’t that badly affected. And I include myself in that group. But I’ve now ot a cold as well so I don’t want to overdo it because of that either. Does typing on a keyboard count as strenous exercise?!?!

Have a good rest Muirie


I think your theory is spot-on. :slight_smile: alison

As a former fatty, I find this a head wreck too. Lately I’ve had new symptoms and I’ve felt less like training, and a big part of me feels like I’m slipping back into bad habits.

Wish I could be lazy, I never get a minutes peace and no one ever tells me to rest, enjoy it, laziness or not!

I was in town today in my wheelchair and I pondered this very issue of laziness and MS. I decided that an electric wheelchair was a gift for a lazy person. I glide round the shops in an armchair. How good is that?


I hear you! I feel the same… I resent it when I don’t have time to rest (I work part time and have a 2 yr old daughter) and feel guilty when I do. When I have had a break, I then undo all the good it’s done by rushing around to make up for it! I’m not that badly affected, but I’m sure my husband thinks I’m just milking it. Because I was a bit of a lazy cow before I got diagnosed and before I had my daughter. x