MS & urticaria

Hi. Does anyone know if there’s a connection between the two?

Have cancelled a holiday due to a relapse (now starting to feel better and I think the Tecfidera has helped) but I just remembered that we also had to cancel a holiday in September or October (can’t remember) a few years ago. I developed bad urticaria which I’d never had before and had to have steroid tablets.

This was before I was officially dxd with MS but I’m just wondering if it was a form of relapse. I’m beginning to feel that this is a tricky time of year as my original problems date back to August 1997 - after a holiday in Cyprus.

Louise x

I don’t know. I’ve had urticaria after diagnosis but was experiencing a lot of stress personally at the time. Once I’d got my life in order, the hives went and have never come back. So my first instinct is to say no there’s no link.

But, urticaria is an immune reaction, and I know nothing about the science side of MS so it’s entirely possible. Maybe someone else knows??


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