Angioedemas and Urticaria

Quite a lot of years ago I just randomly started with Urticaria that occasionally became Angioedemas on my lips and eyes. This was long before I had a Dx of MS and in fact long before any thoughts or investigations for MS.

I visited my GP who said it was Ideopathic and prescribed me Fexofenadine 180mg (very strong anti histamines) for a bad flare up or angioedema and I also use Cetirizine 10mg almost daily.

I still have the urticaria and a very rare angioedema and still take the fexofenadine and cetirizine as necessary.

My question is, does anyone else have this and is it possibly linked to the MS? I haven’t brought this up with my Specialist before as it never even crossed my mind it was really just from a blog post on here dated back in 2014 and three posts that mention it that I made any connection.

I last saw my Specialist in January and he said he wanted to see me again in 6 months, I’m still waiting for that follow up. I’ve rung a few times to check but they say they are just very behind and I am on the list for a follow up. This weekend will be the anniversary of my first getting a Dx of MS.


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I’m guessing that from the lack of responses I am the only one on here that suffers with this or that it absolutely isn’t due to the MS.

Either the above or this thread got lost before he appropriate persons got to see it.

If there’s no replies to this then I’ll let the thread die.


I got an outbreak of cartoon hives round my neck for no apparent reason. Crazy-looking things. I hadn’t had them before (not since childhood, anyway). Cetirizine did the trick, and they haven’t come back, although I stopped taking them daily long ago. So I’m not much help to you - the hives were dramatic-looking but not serious and went as suddenly as they had come, and I have no more reason to suspect MS than anything else, really. ‘Idiopathic’, as you say! I am sorry that you are having a bad time of it.


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I was diagnosed with exercise allergy when I was about 18. 20 years later I was diagnosed with MS. Just signed up for this site because I have a Dr’s appointment in a few days and wanted to research a few things before I go. The main thing being that I have been having flare ups of my exercise allergy, actual condition is called cholinergic urticaria. I have also had an issue with slight numbness on one side of face and in hand and arm on opposite side. I was curious if the flare up caused the numbness or if the MS triggered the are up. There are 2 things that have changed in my typical day. One is that I am taking adderall now instead of ritalin (I also have Narcolepsy) and the seconday is that the weather took a strong and fast turn and the temp is near 90°. I hope you see this and can tell me if you’ve discovered a connection. My health is an interesting AND LONG list of puzzles! Perhaps you knowing my experiences and my knowing your experiences could help us both find some answers.

Apologies for bumping this again but I am currently day 3 of the worst Angioedema I’ve ever had. The left side of face is swollen with my eye closed and my lips still tingling and numb.

I always try to stay well clear of Dr Google but I have been trying to find explanations as to a cause and Dr Google does make a link.

So am I experiencing a relapse or not? I was due my 12 month check up at the beginning of Nov 19 but as usual some months later am still awaiting a date. I think I may have to ring my MS Nurse.

It’s so depressing.