MS signs or something else?

I feel a bit silly here, but am not sure where else to go as I have a few problems, can’t pinpoint them and a friend with MS said they sounded like her problems.

I’m assuming its not as serious but I honestly don’t know much about MS so any replies should be welcome.

I bolded anything important for people, like me, with poor attention spans to pick up.

Basic info: I’m female, 21 years old. History of anaemia.

  • I’m having constant body pain. This is my main complaint.
  • I feel bruised a lot, I sleep on a bed with around 9 pillows which go either side of me and from my head down to my end of my back but still wake up feeling bruised.
  • I never have visable bruises, so am told by the Drs they’re not technically bruises, but that’s how it feels. Only the odd visable one but seriously painful and it’s often.
  • I also have muscle pains. Right now the back of my neck, the spine part hurts so much even leaning against my pillows and chairs is really painful. Also the side of it.
  • My legs and arms hurt often and shake.
  • My legs go numb if I stand or sit too long so I have to keep changing how I sit.
    My arms and legs sometimes go numb while I’m lying in bed too, I doubt it’s due to any kind of pressure as it happens to all of them and regardless of how I am lying.
  • And lately if I sit too long my knees kinda go stiff.
  • I am suffering with vertigo lately that’s been getting progressively worse; suspected Menieres. As a result I’m falling over and walking into things a lot increasing the amount of surface injuries and bruises.
  • I have vision trouble at times, but this may be more to do with light sensitivity, vertigo and needing glasses. THe cloudiness I get seems to fit none of these neatly but it’s possibly a combination.
  • With the visual stuff, mostly linked to the vertigo though, I also have painful sensations in the eyes from moving them as well as balance distortion, as though gravity changes becoming lighter then heavier rapidly. It’s very uncomfortable and disorientation.
  • And the last thing is random, no one ever understands this, but I get this weird feeling of ice on my back. It’s like a thin sheet of ice on my back. Not painful but certainly not comfortable. Right now I’m also getting it on my legs too. I’m not sure what that is or if it’s just me being odd.
  • Another odd sensation like the one above is one of bleeding. It will feel like I’m bleeding, trickling somewhere, maybe a bit of pain where it starts too. But nothing’s there, no injury, no wetness. =.= It’s odd.

Other possibly related things;

  • I also get incredibly tired, regardless of sleep. It’s possibly due to a horrid year long bout of insomnia which has changed my sleeping (I enter REM sleep almost immediately and have very little restorative sleep according to my observation).
    Also could be to do with the vertigo, as my tiredness has increased as they symptoms have, but I also find myself worn out very quickly. Going to uni meant getting the bus. On the bus journey I would sleep 5 minutes into it then by the time a 15 minute journey had come to an end and I was waiting for the next bus I would be ready to go back to bed!
  • I also get so shaky I sometimes can’t hold things or walk easily. I normally just stay in bed and wait it out but sometimes it’s like that all day.
  • I also have depression, this could be a factor for some of the things, including energy levels and ability to concentrate, plan etc.
  • I have suspected Menieres as mentioned above.
  • I also read that low sex drive can be linked; my sex drive is very low, but I am also asexual, so could be to do with that.

Thanks for reading. I’d appreciate any info even if it’s just to say this doesn’t really sound like MS. Like i said, I doubt it is but when you have a collection or random problems they often get ignored by the Drs and these are getting worse to the point I’m having trouble leaving the house and in so much pain right now in my neck it’s really bothering me. =/

Hi Quan, and welcome to the site…

Well you do seem to have a lot of symptoms and some of them are MS-like… but they are also like a whole bunch of other conditions… some are very easy to treat. Lack of Vitamin B12 can lead to the same sort of symptoms. It is also called Pernicious Anaemia. Lack of Vitamin D3 can also lead to similar symptoms. These are just 2 of many many conditions that lead to symptoms like you have.

The best thing to do would be to make a list of your symptoms and go and see your GP. Might be a help to take someone with you who can also tell the doctor how your symptoms affect you. Best not to tell the GP that you’ve been looking on the internet and think it might be MS… the doctor might not take your symptoms seriously if you say that.

I know how rotten it is when dealing with a whole lot of symptoms like you have & it really makes you feel like you’ve got something serious. But it’s early days yet. The first step would be to see the GP and have some blood tests done. Some of the other conditions can be detected in blood tests.

Are you taking med’s for the anaemia? You should be.

Don’t think I’m taking your symptoms lightly, because I’m not. I can see that you’re dealing with some very distressing symptoms but you need to start with the blood tests first to see if something else is causing them. Even if it is a neurological condition causing the symptoms there are literally hundreds of other ones besides MS… so really you need to keep an open mind.

Good luck and I hope you get some answers soon and some treatment that helps,

PatB x

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

I agree with everything Pat said - I hope you will do just as she’s advised.

One extra thing - I think you should also ask your GP for a referral to ophthalmology to get your visual symptoms checked out properly. It’s not normal to be getting cloudiness and pain with eye movements.

Work on your symptom list before you see your GP. Don’t put anything in it that “might” be related. Stick with the most serious and obvious symptoms, e.g. pain, vision problems, shaking arms and cold sensation on back, and leave it at that. Too many symptoms is a red rag to many medics that the problem is psychological and they can fail to listen properly as a result :frowning: This is very likely to happen if you have a history of depression as some medics see the word depression in someone’s records and simply write everything off as due to it. They could be right, but it is absolutely wrong to assume it without properly investigating other causes!

I hope your GP is a big help.

Karen x

I’m leaning towards it being something treatable too. I’m not very anxious about my health dispite what people tend to think. I’m just an over thinker by nature, my brain works liek I’m constantly in research mode. So I’m always cross comparing and analysing and learning new things.

Having Drs who like imparting knowledge are best for me because I both trust their judgement more, and I feel more fulfilled because it’s more curiosiy than anxiety that leads me to want answers!

Like having been treated for the Vertigo is helping me learn a little more about the links between the ears, eyes and balance in general. It’s good to know as you can keep an eye on smaller things that make a bigger impact than you’d expect. :slight_smile:

I have been treated for the anamia for the last decade. It’s caused by my periods and although my B12 levels came back as normal I had been treating myself with B12, the iron they gave me as well as meds to reduce pain and bleeding. I’m now on a birth control which is so far doing very well and my irons have come back at normal and they discontinued my treatment in that regard.

So far another blood test hasn’t been issued.

Regaridng my symptoms I requested the B12 and a thyroid check, they eventually did but those came back fine. (Thyroid as they mimicked my moms and she has having hypothyroidism AND hyperthyroidism, going up and down randomly have having multiple heart attacks BEFORE the tests showed any thyroid problems!)

I may have to bring the symptoms up and see what tests they can do.
These new Drs I have since I’ve moved are picking up the slack from a decade of basically, medical neglect which has lead all my periviously mild symptoms to progressively get worse.

If my eating was looked after and my ability exercise maintained instead of disabled due to the severe anamia, I’m sure some of this body pain would have been reduced, so there are long term implications of some of the illness I’ve had that will inevitably be there.

I’m hopeful my Drs are rather like me in that they get interested in their work rather than see it all as chores. =]

Thanks for the replies.

And yes they told my mom her problems were all in her head and the hospital were mad at them for putting her life in danger like that.

Depression doesnt equals psychosomatic. It’s wreckless to assume so BEFORE proper investigation.

Just to echo Karen’s advice to ask yor GP for a referral to ophthalmology to have the vision problems checked. Or if you go to an optometrist they can check the the optics (focusing) and do some eye health checks and colour vision. If they think there are non-optical problems they can make refferrals to opthalmology.