ms nurse

Can i ask how long you waited before your first appointment with your MS nurse, also how often do you see them ?

I saw mine 3 weeks after diagnosis. I have email contact with her when I need it and she usually answers the same day. I can ask for an appointment at any time and she can fit me in within a week or so.

Sarah x

Thanks for that Sarah, I’m at the 3 week mark so will be patient Tony X

16 years and never seen an ms nurse, I would imagine I,wld just ringup and could be seen. I was under impression that the ms nurses were more for people with RRMs who,we’re,on rebiff and copaxone etc.

Hi, I saw mine a few weeks after dx. Was nice as I was with her for an hour and she gave some good advice.

Emailed her once. Can’t remember what about now.

I think without this site I would have wanted to see her more, but get all the advice I need on here.

Pat x

Thanks Pat, have an appointment in January so see how we go