MS Nurse

Hi everyone,

I’m not dx yet…been to neuro had tests done…MRI came back as ‘showing no significant or sinister pathology’…and nerve consuction studies have shown ‘no evidence of an ulnar or median neuropathy’

I have another appointment with my neuro in Nov as ’ it will be useful to meet up again to discuss this’ he also states in the copy of the letter to the GP that ‘you will recall from the last paragraph of my last letter where I mentioned the fact that the investigations were anticipated not to deliver a diagnosis…I believe that is the situation right now’.

I have since been back to my GP (who is not very helpful) and I might add that he is a ‘new’ GP the old one was useless…and told him that I still have the sensations and dizziness and so on…(list too long to mention here) and he has put me on amitriptyline and he want to see me in a Months time…but this was only as I insisted that I cannot go on like this.

Sorry to ramble but just wanted to give a bit of background info…the thing is can I get an MS nurse without being dx?..and do you think the neuro would want to see me again If he thought everything was ok?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Wendy.

It sounds awfully like everything’s come back clear in which case it’s pretty unlikely that the neuro will refer you to an MS nurse. I could be wrong though!

Whether or not he wants to see you again to simply talk through the results and discharge you or do more tests or refer you on to someone else or simply say “see you in 6 months” is anyone’s guess - they are a bit of a mystery, neuros! Whatever happens, I hope it’s the right thing.

Good for you for standing your ground with the GP. I hope the amitriptyline helps loads!

Karen x