Nurse led neuro clinic.

I recently emailed the neuro secretary in the hope of getting an appt sooner than December after having a positive LP and MRI

She said the consultant has written to me (which I have not received anything yet) I did however, receive an appt for the nurse led neuro clinic 1 week after my existing appt. Is this like an MS nurse do you think? Can you see them without a diagnosis? Does this mean I have been diagnosed?

I suppose only time will tell, but just wondered what a nurse led neuro clinic was?


As far as I know, yes, this will be a MS nurse. Whether or not it means that you have a diagnosis of MS I can’t say though - they do refer some people with CIS and probable MS to MS nurses too; some other conditions too. It does sound like it might be on the cards though, given the LP & MRI results.

I’m not sure exactly what will happen there, but my guess will be talking about meds and any other treatment you might need (like physio). My nurse doesn’t do these clinics, so I’ve never been to one - hopefully someone else on here will be able to fill you in better.

Karen x

Hi Nette,

My nurse specialises in MS and MND and she holds clinics for both. I have regular appts at the MS Clinic and in my view she’s worth her weight in gold, she’s a godsend!

Obviously I can’t answer whether you’ll receive a definate diagnosis - only your neuro can tell you that. But based on my own experience all I can say is that on the same day that my neuro gave me my official dx the ms nurse rang me to make an appt to see her and get things rolling in terms of what symptoms are particularly troublesome for me & recommending medications etc, advise & support and dmd’s. She also gave me various bits of information, self help tips and arranged for me to have an OT assessment. She basically keeps an eye on me in between my neuro appts. She’s my first port of call MS wise.

Depending on what your neuro says of course, it may be worth while jotting down a few things that you may want to discuss with her.

I hope that helps a bit? Feel free to pm me if I can help further - but most of all try not to worry too much about your forthcoming appts. I know that’s real easy to say and a lot flippin harder to do but whatever your results it’s clear that you’ll be getting some help from your nurse - and she can open all sorts of doors that may benefit you in the long run.

Good luck & let us know how you get on when you get a mo
Debbie xx