MS Nurse / walk-in


I have to wait until early February for an appointment with MS Nurse (from the Walton Centre) and because it’s quite a long wait, there’s one thing I’m not sure about - can I still call them if ‘something’ happens, even though I’ve never met them?

also, I have a question to people from North-West/South Wales - my neuro told me that once a week there are walk-in appointments available at Walton, but I don’t remember what day it is. If any of you could tell me it would be very appreciated, because for a week my dizzines has been exacerbating and if it continues to get worse I’ll have to do something about it I’m afraid:(

Alex xx

*I wrote South Wales, of course I meant North Wales :slight_smile:

Hi, the MS nurse is there for you regardless of whether you have an appointment or not (well they certainly are in Ipswich). I was a bit worried about something yesterday so called the nurse and had a chat about it over the phone. She recommended that I take the prescription I picked up a while ago but never started taking and told me to rest more! So call the MS nurse if you have any concerns. Can’t help with the Wales question though

thank you very much Rufus :slight_smile:

I think I’ll call her on Monday, because my symptoms aren’t getting any better unfortunately :confused: