MS Nurse appointment

Hi everyone,

I was just curious how long you usually had to wait for your first appointment with the MS nurse?

I was diagnosed mid June and I am still waiting for a referral

Thank You


I was diagnosed CIS in March, saw my local MS nurse May, was diagnosed RRMS is June and saw the nurse at an associated hospital to discuss Lemtrada the following week (although this appointment had been set up much earlier in anticipation of formal diagnosis as I had expressed my desire to receive Lemtrada immediately MS was suspected and it isn’t administered at my local hospital). Do you know who your local Ms nurse would be? If so, I would give them a polite call to check that you haven’t dropped through the system.

I wouldn’t hang around. I’d phone your Neuro secretary and ask for the email address and/or number of the ms nurse and make contact myself. If you’re waiting to discuss DMDs there will be a further delay while you decide on one and get the prescription. In my book, time is brain.