MS Neuro recommendation please - Oxford/Berks

Hello All

First post - I have suffered many MS type symptoms over the last 30 years (unknowingly until now) and only now that my cognitive function seems to be affected on and off together with skin burning, tingling and falling more frequently have I decided to go the GP about it.

I have just moved house and registered with new GP, who upon my first consultation with her was completely rude and dismissive. I’m normally quite a tough cookie and this was the first person in the entire world I had spoken to about my symptoms and suspicions and it took me a day to recover from her vile attitude.

I shall move practices but in the meantime, I have booked an MRI brain scan with contrast, at a clinic in Guildford although I live in Oxfordshire.

The clinic do take self referrals for MRI’s but they need me to nominate a neurologist to send the results to.

I desperately need to find a good MS Neuro in the Oxford/Berks area and would really appreciate if anyone has any suggestions.

Many thanks