Hi,I attended the MS Life event over the last Sat/Sun in Manchester,I found it an excellent chance to meet ms experts neuros,OT ,MS service providers and also lots of people with ms.I really enjoyed the day and hope this is an annual event ? can anyone else confirm this.

Also did anyone from this forum attend if so what did you think of the event

Yes I went to the event and I too found it interesting and informative. It was great to see the tapestry, chat with the scientists, go to the Hub, see the cookery demonstrations and smell the delicious food, and try some of the mobility equuipment. As well as admire Manchester’s grandeur…


Hi has anyone heard if ms life is in 2019 , I missed it in London and just checking if any one has heard the month and area

Didn’t know it was on, could have visited a friend and gone.

Next year.

Just posted the Motability events so people can put them in their diaries.


this is a very OLD post and if you look then is WAS in 2012. I was there. It was every TWO years so not 2019, so angieb and goldrat - your 7 year too late.

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