I would like to know what a ms hug is?

I have heard people talk about it but unsure what it is

please can anyone tell me


Hello there.

Have you ever had a panic attack or anxiety attack were you feel its hard to breath and your head feels like it will burst?

Its like someone has you around the chest tightly so you cannot breath,I also get were my heart beat slows down and I have several very strong slow heart beats as if my heart is about to come out of my chest.

They can be scairy and sometimes you may feel alittle faint.

Best just to sit down and rest until they pass.

I also sometimes feel alittle faint.


I get that feeling too Charlie. Do you ever feel like your brain is getting electric shocks? it’s horrible. I had both the hug and electric shocks at the same time for 4 days. Bloody MS !!!

keep smiling


Hi there, You are lucky you have not had one!! It feels like your whole chest is being crushed, it’s painful to move, breath, cough, sneeze etc. It is the tiny muscles between each rib contracting. So, the meds you need to take are muscle relaxants.

Hope you stay hug free!

keep smiling