Ms hug

Hi I have started to experience this new most unpleasant symptom it’s like having Braxton hicks or a python horrible feeling - please can someone advise if any med or what to do when this comes on?? Also before I take bad I always seem to take a funny sore throat - anyone else experience this?? Newly dx June ! Appreciate yr help Kel

hi kel

the ms hug is horrible. my husband and my sister were with me when i had my first one.

they wanted to take me to hospital because they thought it was my heart. i refused and just wanted to lie down.

there are drugs that you can get.

the hug is caused by the tiny muscles between your ribs going into spasm.

so the drugs for spasm will help.

ask your doctor

carole x

Many thanks Carole for your reply u have lay down and took diazepam due baclofen later, definitely helps when you lay down such a awful feeling.

Meant I lay down not u

Hi Kel

Yes like Carole says sounds exactly like the MS Hug. It is like someone putting a tight band around your ribcage.

Carole has described it perfectly. I take Baclofen for mine. And wear loose clothes.

Hope it eases soon.

Shazzie xx