MS hug - lasting weeks??

Hi all

I’ve had the hug before but only mildly. But or the last few weeks, each morning I wake up and it feels like a thick belt has been tightened around just beneath by bosoms…it eases somewhat throughout the day, but then again, each morning I wake up and it’s the same. I’m wondering if it’s worse in the morning as I have a habit of sleeping with my shoulders really tucked into my body; try as I might, I can’t seem to stop myself from ending up in this position.

It’s been about 3 weeks now; I would mention it to my MS nurse, but as I’m 6 months post round1 of Lemtrada, they don’t seem to like hearing about possible relapses :wink:

Does this sound like the hug to you experienced lovely people?

Best wishes


Hi, I’ve had this too. Try sleeping cuddling a pillow or with your too arm resting on a pillow to try to keep your chest “open” as much as possible.