Ms Flare up after Covid Jab

Hi All
My wife has RRMS and in March she had her Astrazeneca Vaccine and has been ill every since. I’m writing to ask if anybody has had a MS flare up after having this jab?
Thanking you for any help you might be able to give.
Thank you for any help you can give.

Sorry to hear that Rob. I had both doses of the AZ vaccine and was fine. I have RRMS. I’m guessing you’ve spoken to your MS team, Maybe steroids? Hope she gets well soon.

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Thank you for the reply we have yet as we didn’t think it was a MS related we been to work with her doctors and the NHS as we believed it was just a reaction to the jab.

Hi I’ve been searching this topic alot on Google because I strongly blame vaccines for my MS flare ups or vaccines speed up Ms.

I’ve had pfizer, since having my second shot my symptoms have increased significantly I got official diagnises of MS last month.

But more then vaccine I blame covid it self because since having virus I’ve not been same or whatever it is I blame pandemic lol.

Sending prayers to you hope you get better soon

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Thank you for the answer and I hope u start to feel better soon ill let the wife no about this

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I was the same after my first jab (Oxford type), it hit me sideways, couldnt lift my legs at all, but on the second jab I was fine.

For around 3 or 4 days I honestly thought I was not going to get better, but then things settled as quickly as they they came.

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Oh right glad u feeling better my wife not been good now for close to 5 months never seen her this I’ll banging our heads against a wall trying to get help for her nobody in the NHS seems to listen to us or understand what’s going on really don’t no what yo do now.

It could very well be a flare up from the jab.
Have you spoken with your MS clinic.

I was very nervous about getting the jab, but my MS consultant always advised me to go for it, but when I did I was cursing him because i was so bad afterwards, I thought it was going to last forever, so i rang the clinic and was reassured that once the immune system settles I would/should go back to pre-jab, which I did.

I was told though that everyone with MS is different, some take longer than others to adjust back, so hopefully your wife will feel better with time.
Dont give up, try to be positive, MS doesnt like positive people, it’s a bully.

Hi, I’ve had both of my AZ jabs and I just had the usual sore arm followed by a few hours, the next day, feeling achy and shivering. I wasn’t given any advice about how the vaccine could affect me so I just went ahead and had them.

Sorry to hear that Rob! :sleepy:

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I had a flare up of almost every symptom after my 2nd AstraZeneca jab which lasted about 4 weeks. Now subsiding. Hope your wife feels better soon.

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Oh wow I hope you are OK now my wife has just had 2 days with out being as bad. Thank you for your answer