Ms dismissal

Hi everyone,

I’m reaching out for advice and support. My partner, who was diagnosed with MS in 2015, has been steadily employed but his symptoms have progressed over the years, resulting in increased absences from work. In the past 12 months alone, he has had a 60% absence rate. Today, he was dismissed due to unsustainable absence, with the explanation that his incurable illness and unpredictable condition necessitate letting him go.

Has anyone else here experienced a similar situation? We’re unsure how to proceed in terms of appealing this decision. Any advice or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

This is beyond my experience or knowledge but your best first step is probably contacting Citizens Advice. I do know that MS is classified as a Disability and that employers should make reasonable adjustments for employees with disabilities. What counts as ‘reasonable adjustments’ isn’t defined but your husband’s employee could argue that in accepting his absences they have gone as far as they can in making adjustments. Could some of your husband’s work be done from home - in ways that would make it easier for him to do his job ?