MS diagnosis

I had an MRI scan with showed no leasions on my brain. So was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. But my symptoms are getting worse, I get things that don’t make sense with my diagnosis. Does anyone know if its possible to have MS with a negative MRI. And if so, what do I do next? I’m so desperate. Please help

hi sarena

what does your GP think?

if s/he knows your symptoms are worse s/he may re refer you to neurology.

good luck x

Fibromyalgia has its own battles hun. I would accept for now the diagnosis. Without proof you will be hitting tour head up against a wall and stressing yourself. I had my lesions on my spine. PPMS.

The symptoms of fibro are very close to MS. What symptoms do you have that you feel dont make sense hun?

My daughter has Fibro, and she has been really bad with it for years, only finally now got herself into a better place with counselling, a chiropractor and her horse. she was in terrible pain, she has vertigo, nerve pain, fatigue, fibro fog, and many other things which could be the same as MS. She even had bells palsy.

My very first MRI came back as negative, “all clear from anything nasty” as the neuro at that time put it.

Well over 10 years later, with symptoms still there off and on, plus other ones creeping in, a second neuro was involved who actually pulled up the older “all clear” scans to check out before sending me for updated ones, and immediately spotted something in the old scans that the original neuro missed, 2 very small lesions on the spine, new scans were done that confirmed these lesions and then a lumbar punch was carried out.

The rest is history as they say !

That was 6 years ago, when RRMS was quickly confirmed, now 6 years later and now progressed to SPMS !!

Looking back now though, at my past health history, I can recall things from probably over 30 years ago that could well of been the MS, ever so slightly popping up its ugly head, things like numbness and tingling in my hands & feet that would come and go, but never actually went away .

Being a stubborn fella, I just “got on” with things, and just ignored these irritating symptoms, that was until my first proper big MS hit 6 years ago, that really did just came out of the blue with no warning or symptoms, one minute talking to the guys in work on a night shift, the next minute my left leg completely useless, literally at the blink of an eye.

Thats when I visited my GP and the 2nd neuro got involved.

He has actually said that the irritating numbness symptoms from all them years ago for which I saw the 1st neuro was very probably MS.

So, my advice would be, if in doubt definitely ask your GP to arrange for a second opinion.

Hello anyone been on copaxone what they have suggested to go on newly diagnosed and trying for a baby.


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Hi, my first mri showed no brain lesions but had some on my spine, according to my go. But at my first neuro appointment I was diagnosed, they had spotted some on the brain and along with the symptoms that I had for years before.