MS Brain power

Hi guys hope you are well, just posted another blog take a look, hope you like it. I think we all feel like this at some time.

love Deb


Hi Deb

Is there a link to your blog please?

Pam x

Sorry Pam try the link I have put in the comment above now.

Deb x

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Hi Deb,

I like it.

Thank you.

Best wishes,


Thanks Deb, being useless on the iPad, I don’t know how to find it without a link!

Your blog is really good, I have always tried to be positive, but sometimes I slip back and have to work quite hard to get back to a positive mind. Makes me wonder deep down have I really accepted this, and this is after having been dx for yonks.

I love your little ms nursery rhyme, also rings true.

Pam x