MS attacks ?

Out of the blue my son who hasn’t been told what type of MS he has, has had 14 all I can describe as attacks. Anything from one a day to four/five in a day. We phoned neurologist office and was told before he can have an emergency appointment, go through doctor or MS nurses. Thankfully we rung Ms nurses after asking some questions she has got him in to hospital on Tuesday. Can anyone tell me what causes the attacks ? It obviously means his MS is getting worse ? I was in kitchen and heard a crash I ran out and my son said his legs went and he fell, his concern the window blind and my ornaments :frowning: I can not stop crying I feel helpless, he says don’t cry mum am ok he’s 35 and been diagnosed 3 years

hi aspiemum

it would break my heart if one of my sons were going through this sh£$!

can you describe these attacks?

does he shake all over?

or just lose all power?

use the analogy of faulty wiring (because that’s what ms is) and it makes more sense.

so this faulty wiring has never failed before but one day you just can’t start the thing.

i think we should all get a rewire!

dry your eyes mum!

get kettle on and open a packet of biscuits.

sit and have a chat with your son.

tuesday will be here before you know it.

carole x

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Thanks for your reply Carole, he just lost all power. I took it bad when he was told he had MS, so this has shook me up bad as you can imagine. Yep your right you all need rewiring then everything be ok :slight_smile: I don’t really have anyone to talk about my son’s MS, so thanks for listening :slight_smile: xx

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if there is an ms therapy centre near you, it would be a brilliant place for both of you.

i go to the one in trafford, manchester.

the main room has a fridge, kettle, toaster and microwave.

most people have a therapy booked but everyone spends time with a cuppa and chats.

i go for Hyper Barric Oxygen Therapy - 6 of us sit in a compression chamber and breathe oxygen through a mask for one hour, it makes a difference. subtle at first but noticed that i was getting up to pee less often during the night.

sometimes a wife/sister/carer has her own treatment whilst waiting e.g. a massage.

really wish you both the very best.

carole x

Hi Aspiemum,

One of this Forum’s benefits is that worried mums like you can have somewhere to air your worries.

There are a lot of people here who, between them, probably have more experience of MS than any neurologist.

You don’t have to cope all alone.


Hi Carole yes we have a centre, my son attends it. There are services there I can access, don’t really know alot of the carers but my son enjoys the centre x

Thanks for your post John,my trouble is I try to juggle all the balls myself. I know I don’t need to cope alone and thank you

I can relate to the ‘losing all power’ thing… my legs occasionally decide they’ve had enough and are inclined to quit at random… mostly when I’m overheated or tired… and then it’s a case of ‘sit down before you fall down’. I’ve tried to power through, feeling like a pathetic weakling - but found that my legs don’t want to play, and there’s nothing I can do about it…they just give up, and I’ve taken a couple of bounces down the road in consequence. Walk, walk, walk, collapse, find myself in the ditch at the side of the pavement being very surprised and annoyed… I think I’m beginning to get the hang now of being a bit more sensible and saying ‘no, sorry, can’t do any more, I have to rest!’ and taking the car even for short journeys.

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Hi Fracastorius I feel your pain, it must be very frustrating. My son doesn’t drive, I do so take him everywhere. My son gets very tired as well and often takes naps throughout the day, his body clock is all over the place. He said if he could get a new left leg he would be ok, because that’s the troublesome one. How I wish I had a magic wand to make you all well again :slight_smile: