Hello all first post on here

I was diagnosed with MS in 2012 and since gone onto medication. I feeling like I having another attack now and was just wondering in reading some of the posts when you are dignosed are those supposed to tell you what type of MS you have as no body has ever said or is it something they can not tell until it progresses?

Hi Gowens, my daughter was diagnosed in June this year, the neuro who came and delivered the bad news at the hospital she was in told us she had benign MS. As I had already guessed she had MS and had read loads of things about it I knew that this was not correct. As some neuros don’t actually believe there is such a thing as benign MS and others think you can only call it that when there has been a couple of years from the first attack to the next. My daughter had had at least 3 attacks in 5 months which led to her diagnosis. I got a hold of her records and he had actually written down that she had relapsing remitting MS but I think he was trying to make it sound not so bad as she was so young and maybe thought he was doing a good thing. When she got an appointment through to see who was to become her neuro locally he told us she had relapsing remitting MS. So in all this rambling I guess I am trying to say that in my experience someone somewhere along the line should be telling you something. I am now wondering if they have got it wrong again with my daugher as she has not had a month where she has not had a new relapse so wondering if she actually has primary progressive MS. If you have an MS nurse just ask what it is you actually have been diagnosed with. Lx

Thanks for the information i will ask the question , i hope your daughter is ok.

Helo Gowens and welcome. Lots of lovely supportive people on here for you to chat with.

I was diagnosed August this year, I’m still waiting to find out what type I have. Seeing neuro in york a week on monday so hoping he will tell me.

I’m surprised you don’t yet know what type you have yet but I’m know expert so may be there are other people on here in the same position as yourself.

Take care, hope you find out soon. Noreen

Welcome Gowens. This is a great site; I’m sure you’ll find it useful. The most common type is RRMS. Your neuro should be able to confirm which it is. Take care. xx

Hello, and welcome Gowens

I was diagnosed straight away with PPMS in Feb 2000 but my neurologist didn’t actually say that was what I had. He just explained the different types of MS and how they could affect me. Mt GP told me it was PPMS !

Ask the question ! You need to know. But don’t worry yourself too much. . . . .being diagnosed with MS IS scary but , with support from family and the good people on here, you’ll find a way to cope !!!

Good luck

Seb x x x

Hi, I don’t know which type of ms I have. I was just told ms. I don’t seem to get a straight answer when I ask. They seem to say that ms I ms and for everyone its different. Hope you get some answers. Lynn