MS and Jetlag

Does anyone have any experience and knowledge on how jetlag can effect RRMS? I’ve been to the US three times for work in the last 6 weeks. Crazy I know but sadly needed.i haven’t travelled much in the last few years but have noticed the jetlag is manageable but I’m feeling very fatigued.

I’ve googled for info but not found much other than advice on how to plan trips when travelling with MS, nothing about the impact of jetlag, etc.

All advice most welcome.

Thank you.

Hi I’ve been to Australia and Seattle in the last year. The Jetlag upon return from Seattle was a killer and lasted nearly two weeks. I think that our disease has a broad range of symptoms and effects and nobody can generalise. You feel what you feel don’t worry about it just rest when you need to. Good luck

Thank you.

Came back from la a number off years ago took me a month to get over jet lag not been abroad since period trips to Canada

We’re not much better.