Ms and full time work

I’m 6 weeks post round 1 of lemtrada and I went back to work last week! It’s hard and my fatigue is pretty shocking, I must say I struggled before the treatment so after I’m finding it very difficult! Work were not keen on me reducing my hours after 5 weeks off work or go on a phased return! Apparently hr said there wasn’t much they could do? Anyway I am battling through, but I can’t continue like this! I have to drive to and from work which adds sometimes 3 hours on to my working day! I asked to work at home after an appointment this week to try and reduce the traveling for one day and make the most of my time, but again they would prefer me to be in the office. I don’t think reducing my hours would be an option from previous conversations but I cannot maintain this anymore! I come home from work, eat (Which thankfully my mom cooks for me), I get my stuff together for the next day and I go to sleep early (unable to sleep tonight cause I feel so worried about things) Then i repeat and I have to spend the weekend resting so I can do it all again the next week, it’s just not good for me but I feel like I have very little support. Occupational health are an external company who I can only speak to over the phone, hr apparently have no experience with disability despite being an international company, I do need to speak to my nurse again which I will do when she is back in work next week! Any advice?

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I must add that I know I need a new job closer to home but it’s easier said than done and in the mean time what do I do?

Hi, ‘Access to work’ might help with taxis to work. Access to work | Disability Rights UK I suppose it depends on what kind of work you do. Or feel up to doing. A change of career or retraining?? Perhaps. We can’t advice you - talk to your GP and explain your symptoms and say you can’t go on. If you decide you cannot work then ESA Support Group is where most end up. But you will need some NHS evidence like GP letters or OT or physio reports to back you up. Incontinence reports are also useful. Or MS Nurse care/management plans. Citizen’s Advice Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) - Citizens Advice Helpful

Hi, Work don’t sound too keen on helping you out much do they? Are they aware of you having MS? under the equality act if you have MS you are automatically classified as disabled and therefore you are afforded some protection against disability discrimination.As long as they are aware of you disabled status they have certain legal responsibilities including making “reasonable” adjustments. 1 suggestion i would make is that you try to avoid "informal " conversations where you recieve the idea they are not keen on helping etc and try to communicate through email where possible as these are accepted as evidence by employment tribunals should it be needed (maybe send email to confirm informal discussion content for confirmation too?) Also I would also keep a bit of a diary,for example keeping notes of suggestions you have made such as working from home after appointment etc and it being refused. If you are not in a union then acas are a good alternative for work related guidance inc equality act the equality commission are excellent for more specific advise on the equality act,you should find a telephone number on the link somewhere for the helpline. Please don’t allow them to bully you out,sounds to me like you can’t manage the job exactly as it is but that is more due to the companies failure to follow the Law? its common for firms to try to avoid that if no one calls them on it.Read a bit on the Equality act(or get advise from equlity commission) and mention a few key phrases and i suspect they may start atleast making an effort to be seen to follow the law. Good luck Ollie