MS and fibro

well im currently in no mans land like most people on here ,between the 2 fibro and MS and i have done a lot of reading from around the world and in more than one language ,to find that like a few people on here i believe that MS and fibro are the same illness maybe different stages or different effects on different people ,the myth that no liasons on mri scan means no MS is not even considered in some countries and they do put both as same thing ,i would like to point out we all have white or grey areas in the brain from age to head impacts if like me i was in high contact sport for years i have many but not the right kind apparently .

The one thing common to all countries is the time scale from first reports to doctor to the diag from specialists its always years it seems eccessive and about 70 % of people diag with fibro go on to be diaged with MS so generally it is a progression not "you have both now " as quoted by some specialists ,the facts seem to show MS is actually bigger than the currant restrictions .

last point Pain and MS someone needs to educate GPs that MS is painful that is from a world study carried out in 2009 and updated in 2018 but only seems to be UK,USA,Canada,NewZeland and Australian doctors that say this to fibro patients "you can not have MS because you have pain "WRONG mr GP MS is painful

ps.sorry about spelling brain fog has set in