MS and Exericise

Jen, I like when people give things away lol. I’ve heard of Pilates, is it similar to yoga? Greg

As I understand it yoga and pilates are both good for different reasons - Yoga for flexibility, Pilates for core stability - also both enjoyable and really good for relaxation. My situation: RRMS, rebif, stable for a number of years, tingling and fatigue remain (and the rest). I used swimming and walks as rehab from a major relapse. With this light exercise I would always feel better after than before. I very carefully and gradually built up to being able (on my terms) to do quite a high level of exercise. A few weeks ago I ran a half marathon and am aiming to do a marathon next year. I started to notice a ‘golden window’ of a few hours after exercise where I would not only feel great but more importantly fatigue and even tingling would vanish. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this?