ms and csvd

Hi I’ve been ill for the past 18mths but I’ve had vague creeping sensations and vertigo on and off for a few years I now have a lot of pain in my joints, muscles…hands etc… and the vertigo…burning and creeping are happening more frequently, most days actually even at night in bed…I had a brain scan last week a simple MRI and it showed a plaque on my brain…which was put down as cerebral small artery or vessel disease…but I couldn’t get an answer out of my GP if this would cause all my symptoms…I don’t have high cholesterol or diabetes mellitus I have had high blood pressure for years but its always been under control…I’m not over weight. Can Ms be mistaken for csvd ? I’m under a rheumatologist for the joint and muscle pain…clumsiness Etc…should I ask to see a neurologist?

many thanks Allyn55

please can you give csvd in full, as not heard of it and google didnt bring it up.


Hi polls

it stands for cerebral small vessel disease…although my gp said it was small artery disease…

thanks Ally