Ms and covid 19

Hi guys, nice to meet everyone. Ok so I have a question… has anyone else had covid and after had a relapse as Ive just got over covid myself and feel like I may have a relapse coming and it’s worrying or should I say scaring me more then anything

i had covid in january and i thought i would have a relapse because of it,as i normallyhave a relapse about 6 week after any virus or infection,but i didn’t thankfully.I am also unvaccinated too,as i thought the vaccine could bring a relapse on,so i refused it,and no regrets either.

I’ve had it twice now… first time was when all this come about and the second time a week or so ago but my left side feels a little weak and I’m normally pretty good so it’s just worrying me a little as I normally let it go over my head. I’m also unvaccinated and again that’s something I’m also worried about doing so I think it’s a no go for me right now.


I relapsed 6 months ago and then in January i had covid!! I was very suprised since I was so careful but no I did not relapse again after that. I guess its different for everyone. I did notice tho that covid did have a after affect on my breathing and my hands did tend to shake. But i guess after my relapse ive not been so good anyways so having covid ontop was not fun! I only had mild covid, my symptoms were not bad at all. Just a small cough and some breathing issues but nothing to be concerened about! So overall no i did not relapse after having covid just pre-existing symptoms that were triggered.

i had covid in january and i thought i might relapse after it but i didn’t thankfully.i think the reason idid not have a relapse is because i did not have a temperature with the coivid.Ihad flu years ago with a high temp and 6 week after that i had a massive relapse,so i really do think my relapses come after a virus or infection with a hight temp.