MS and bone probs/treament?

Hi all, has anybody any knowledge or input on an article that my fiancee read on on a Bulgarian Dr,s /neuro web site, about somebody having an opp on their sholder, for some reason in conection with MS ???

thankx in advance & confused, julien x,

Hi Juju,

MS does not directly attack the bones. However, there is now fairly compelling evidence that many people with MS have some sort of issue with vitamin D - that maybe we cannot make enough, cannot use it properly, need more of it than most people, or whatever. Since vitamin D is also important in bone formation and bone strength, it makes sense that people who either have a deficiency or can’t use it properly might also have bone problems, although this wouldn’t be regarded as a symptom of MS - just something else that is linked to vitamin D shortage.

Another factor is that bones, like most parts of the body, need exercise to stay strong and healthy. So if somebody, for whatever reason, isn’t as mobile as most people, they could develop weak bones. I believe osteoporosis is more common in people with MS than in the general population, but this may simply be a reflection that people with a lifelong disabling illness don’t get as much exercise to strengthen bones, so you’d probably find similar in any group that isn’t as active.

Occasionally, people with MS need surgery for a contracture, which is a severe, permanent shortening of the muscle, usually a complication of long-term spasticity. Most spasticity treatments are not as drastic as surgery, but if things have got really bad, it may be an option.

Really, without seeing the article, I’ve no idea why this person with MS might have needed shoulder surgery, but the above are a few ideas.

Surgery isn’t a routine treatment for MS - only in extreme cases. And bone problems are only indirectly linked to MS - it’s not a bone disease.

Is this any help?


Probably nothing to do with what you are asking, but frequent use of steroids can cause problems with bone health.

thankx for your replies, i never heard of that!

live and learn eh! julien ,