Neuro still unsure...

I was settling down to a dx of MS, not over the moon, but, hey, it’s my life, just get on with it, make the most of it…

I was given a working dx of PMS… so I was thinking that it must be either PPMS or SPMS… but maybe not so…!!!

This is why I haven’t got an MS Nurse yet, because it might not be MS… so I’ve got to wait for a lumbar puncture and its results to find out… Grrrrh…

So now I’m back to listing things like Vitamin D and D3, and B12… Oh, and I need to consider Osteoporosis and hypertension, too. Osteoporosis needs a good dose of Vitamin D(3…?) as well to ensure that calcium can be absorbed into the bones. Ummm… I am taking Alendronic Acid to ‘encourage’ my bones to strengthen and AdCal Calcium and Vitamin D3 tablets to supply what my bones are missing. Perhaps I do need extra Vit D…???

And… I’ve come up with another question: I have had 3x Nerve Conduction Studies done on my right leg over the last 10 years, and all showed my nerves, well, the nerves they tested, working within normal range… What the heck is going on…???

And I’m still not convinced that I do not have an orthopaedic issue in my right leg… AS WELL…!!!

In the mean time, I’m left with spasms and spasticity, worse of all is first thing in the morning. Now, everything below my waist goes rigid, and my arms, too, including my hands, and long fingers and ring fingers, are involved, too… What scares me is that the space between is getting smaller and smaller… and that is where my heart and lungs are…!!! And the heart is a muscle and the lungs work with muscles…???

How can they cut funding for the NHS when we are all waiting sooooooo long for tests and results…???