MRI with gadolinium

Hey, im recently diagnosed with MS, i have a few MRI scans next month and one is with gadolinium, has anyone had this injected and did you experience any side effects? Do you have the option to reject this being injected? I have read some things about gadolinium and how it doesn’t leave your body? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

I don’t get any side effects at all. Just need to make sure you drink lots afterwards. The contrast helps the images be clearer and helps to show up activity. My GP says its a bit like HD TV.

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Hello Luke

More or less every time I’ve had an MRI it’s been with Gadolinium contrast dye. What it does is show up active inflammation more clearly - enhancing lesions as they are known. I’ve never had any problem with it at all. I should think if you are really against the idea of the contrast, you could refuse it, but it does mean your scans aren’t as useful for the neurologist to see current activity.

It’s generally done through a cannula rather than as an injection. So the radiology staff put in a cannula before the scan starts, they do a few MRI scans without the contrast, then pull you out, stick the contrast dye into the cannula, push you back in and do a couple more scans.

Hopefully all will be well for you. Welcome to the forum anyway. I know we’d all rather not qualify to be here, but you’ll find it’s a friendly place regardless.


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