MRI - Side Effects

Hi everyone,

I had my spinal MRI yesterday I was in the machine for about 40 minutes. With my symptoms I usually have right sided weakness and left side is fine.

However after coming out of the machine I felt very strange. My right side was very shaky I couldn’t even hold the key to get into my locker to get my things out.

For the rest of the evening I could feel my bones vibrating in my arm but only on my right side. When I was resting my arm on something solid the arm was still but bones shaking. When I lifted my arm it was as if I had Parkinson’s couldn’t stop the shaking.

This morning I am so weak and feel like I am hallucinating and seeing things that have happened.

I feel so drained. I am assuming that all the shaking is on my right side as this side is weaker and my left side is normal

I just wonder if anyone has had this experience after an MRI

I wonder whether the stress and strangeness of the scanning process is to blame here? Heightened stress sends my MS up the wall short-term in a very marked way, and there isn’t a single thing I can do about it except wait for things to calm down again.

Probably the next time you have MRI, use earplugs and ask for the radio to be switched on, otherwise it just sound like a pneumatic drill going into your head while you’re having the scan.

Hi, I was wearing earplugs and had headphones on and was practicing meditation I heard the sounds but it wasn’t too bad sound wise.

I have had a brain MRI twice before and this has never happened.

It was so strange

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Hi, I have a provisional diagnosis of FND and not MS my brain MRI’s have come back with no legions and this spinal MRI was to rule out MS I am so confused about everything

I mean I guess it could still be MS as I have spoken to a couple people who had no brain legions but had spinal legions however I know this is rare.

I’ve not had a spinal MRI but I always feel a bit shaken after brain scans- as others say , I find the whole experience a bit ‘tense’ and usual go for a cup of tea and cake in the hospital cafe afterwards to relax.

Interestingly, there is a bit on ‘Multiple Sclerosis News Today’ about a trial looking at Magnetic stimulation to improve balance in MS patients. So, it might be that MRI can cause some sort of disturbance

Hi @Hank_Dogs

Thanks for replying. I will definitely look into that research because it was such a strange feeling. I have had brain scans before which are 10mins at most and never had this reaction but this time it was for the spine and I honestly have never felt like this before in my life.

My family were really worried as it lasted half a day and even the next day I wasn’t 100%

I think the whole ordeal of MRI may have exacerbated your FND symptoms.
Perhaps having a lumbar puncture done will shed more light on possible multiple sclerosis.
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