MRI Scan


How often should someone who suffers with MS have an MRI scan?

I think it depends on ur neurologist by the look of things x

For what it’s worth, I’ve had 2 MRI scans so far - 1st one to help diagnose MS back in 1998, and 2nd one 2 years ago …requested by neuro, I assume to confirm progression of condition (…can’t think of anything else to prompt it) ?!!


I had 2 last year , to help DX Got head & spine again next week as just started tysabri, as said think it depends on neuro and relapses. Gray

I’ve had over 10 (I’ve lost count),but I was on a drug trial for 2 years,which required frequent MRIs.My neuro likes to do them twice a year.If he feels that the way to go,it’s fine with me.

I have to have them every 6 months now as I am on tysabri and I have been found to be high risk for PML, before that it was every year

I think it definitely isnup to your neuro and how they think things are going.

Pam x

Annual for me, seems to differ from neuro to neuro…

Can no longer hack an enclosed scanner so head to Croydon open scanner, lots better but costs a fortune… think i’m off BUPA’s Christmas list!