MRI Scan


How often should someone who suffers with MS have an MRI scan?

There is no said amount as such. I had one on diagnosis, and one following my next relapse 7years later which was to see if there had been more damage. I am on rebif now and asked if I would have another to look at the spam age and see if it had improved. I was told they do not routinely do them as repeated MRIs are not good for the body. Also it does not always proof a benefit in terms of looking at effects as someone with only a few lesions may be having more symptoms/relapses than someone with lots of lesions dependent on where the lesions are etc. xxx

I suppose it depends on how your MS progresses.So,if you’re having frequent or debilitating relapses/new symptoms,doing an MRI is important,but if your MS is stable,it’s maybe less likely.

My MS is stable,but my neuro still demands twice-yearly MRIs,because he says that you can have new lesions without having symptoms.

Hope this helps you.Maybe you should ask your neuro.