MRI Results

so after a lot of messing about i got a copy of my MRI report (i got a bit inpatiant)

it says

A few samll T2 hyperintense foci are seen in the deep white matter of frontal lobes

i can understand the rest but this bit confued on the rest becasue lower down it say conclusion normal MRI brain

it sort of makes sence because i know the frontal lob controles thinking and problem solving which are my main symptoms

I might be wrong, but I think that sometimes an MRI can be classed as ‘normal’ even if there are some marks/ white spots. As I understand it, certain types of spots on MRI are quite common and not necessarily linked with neurological disease - so although they might be commented upon, they might not be viewed as ‘abnormal’.

My MRI showed two fairly clear patches of demyeliation, which resulted in it being classed as ‘abnormal’ But when the neuro pointed them out to me, he also pointed out quite a few much smaller and fainter spots. He told me that the smaller were not unlikely to be MS lesions, and that were very small marks that can occur for a lot of less serious reasons, such as the general ageing process (, migraine hedaches etc); in his words ‘they are not abnormal’.

So I guess its not just a case of whether a mark shows up, but possibly has to do with the neuro’s judgement as to what kind of mark it is. But I might be wrong, maybe others can give more info on this?

However, since the report clearly states that 2 marks were found, it might be worth asking for clarification from your neuro about what he thinks about them; it is definitely worth asking about, just to be sure x