MRI results... Please help

mri brain shows cerebral spinal fluid flow artifacts are present with increased signal in the occipital lobes adjacent to the occipital horns … what does this mean… Could I have ms … I have a lot of symptoms!!

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If you have a look at my Sticky post about the brain, it’ll hopefully help a bit, but basically “increased signal” means an area that looks brighter than it should on an MRI scan. This generally means that there is some sort of damage (or lesion) in the area. The occipital lobes are at the back of the head, where vision is processed by the brain. The occipital horns are the furthest back part of the lateral ventricles, the reservoirs of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain. Lesions that are next to the lateral ventricles are called periventricular and they are very common in MS; they do occur in other conditions too though.


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Thank you Karen… When the report says artifacts does that mean that they are not really seeing that or when " I must have moved a lil bit" they seen this on accident? I’m not sure if its saying that its really there or not?

Sorry, I completely forgot to do that bit! That’s insomnia for you :frowning: Artifact/artefact basically means error / a side effect of the scanning process that isn’t significant anc a CSF artefact is when this happens in the CSF. As far as I know, this is usually due to the fact that CSF is moving. CSF is always moving, but it will be worse if the patient moves. If you moved, it will have affected the quality of the images so you may have to have another one if the clarity isn’t good enough. Saying that, I would think the radiologist would have mentioned it if it were the case. Kx

Well that wasn’t the best written explanation! I hope it made sense!

So do u think that this was not really there… Just a error

I mean that it is nothing to worry about: sometimes the way that MRI works throws up abnormalities in the images that aren’t abnormalities in the patient’s brain. Anything with the word “artefact/artifact” can usually be safely ignored. The main finding in your report is the lesions at the occipital horns. These are not described as artefacts. Tbh, there is little point in trying to work out what it all means: better to wait and see what the neuro says. Kx

Thank u so very much!! My f/u appt is a few weeks out and I have been so worried! I’ve not been officially diagnosed yet and I’ve been praying for answers! It’s so hard knowing something is wrong and no one knows what!! One more question when it’s says brain shows cerebral spinal fluid flow artifacts are present with increased signal in the occipital lobes adjacent to the occipital horns …does this been that only the csp is artifacts or are the increased signal artifacts also?

It could be read either way, but my guess is that the two things are separate, ie the occipital stuff is not an artefact. I could be wrong though - I’m not a neuro or radiologist. Kx