MRI lesions and Pregridy

Hi all,

I would like some advice or perhaps just to hear of some your experiences of how your ms has progressed. I have been diagnosed with ms since 2012 but have had no clinical changes in 10 years and I basically don’t have any ms symptoms - if I do I certainly don’t realise they are symptoms, although I am continuously fatigued… At first I was told it was benign ms and then told rrms by another neurologist when my own one was off ill. A recent MRI scan showed 4 new brain lesions (I don’t know where but I know they are small if that makes any difference) and the neurologist advised it was best to start treatment and I’m starting on Plegridy. I am 31. I’m just looking to see how things are likely to progress from here and I know everyone is different but would really like to hear your experiences or if anyone is in similar situation. I’m terrified of ending up with mobility issues but I guess there’s little I can do about it in any event!!