MRI clear but symptoms getting worse

Hi, this is my first post - apologies if I’ve not posted in the correct section. Brief (as possible!) summary - I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis in 2011 aged 38. Over the following years I experienced (as well as the arthritis pain, which was primarily in my feet) periods where my scalp and face went numb/tingly; spasms and tremors in my hands, particularly my left thumb wrist area; visual disturbances which are pretty much constant - bright white flashes in my peripheral vision when I move my eyes which have for steadily worse, and lately a sort of fog over everything (I have regular eye tests and cataracts have been ruled out but an optician told me my optic nerve looked twisted, if that relevant); periods of intensely itchy skin which sometimes breaks out in painful red rash; leg pain; migraines; fatigue; and two years ago I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. Following this diagnosis in by my GP I was referred to a neurologist who examined me and sent me for an MRI. This was clear but my TN diagnosis was confirmed. I’m at my wit’s end with the pain and worry. Can anyone here reassure me that MS would have shown up on the MRI or given my symptoms (which are getting worse and more difficult to live with) should I go back to my GP? Given I’ve already been examined by a neurologist and had an MRI, is there anything else they can do?

Maybe an opthalmologist could help with the vision symptoms.

If you have one auto-immune condition you are prone to getting another.

I have recently developed psoriasis and that was driving me mad with itching,

fortunately someone on this forum recommended Betnovate.

I’m sorry Ophelia (love the name), but due to my own experience, I cant offer the advice you ask for. My symptoms, which were typical of PPMS for many years, never showed any proof of MS…until I went to a Liverpool specialist centre and found that elusive diagnosis of spinal PPMS

Keep banging on doors chuck.