MrH is exhausted!!

Now don’t be getting any kinky ideas… For weeks I’ve kept him awake with spasms in my legs. As if that wasn’t enough, last night went to a whole new level. My skin was crawling all night. I had to scratch but I’ve no idea why because it wasn’t exactly itching and scratching certainly didn’t help!! Now I don’t know if it was because I’d been watching the bugs taking revenge on celebrity get me out of here jungle thingy programme and the bugs had pervaded my subconscious, but it was really weird and went on for hours. Hubby has just seen the beginning of this post and given an angst ridden sigh…!! Catherine xx

LOL, LOL…your funny quirky posts have me tickled Catherine. It really sounds to me that amongst everything going on you really do have a fab sense of humour and it’s shining through. Eeeeek…lets hope those jungle bugs are just in your imagination :wink:


Oh the shame I got so excited at the title of your post lol xx

Are you on drugs? Gabapentin helps a bit with my jerks and stuff. My not really my husband husband is also exhausted poor thing, I sleep through it all!


You have every right to blush, Mrs…Hee Hee! No drugs - the neuro wouldn’t accept that any of my symptoms are real and just kept talking about anxiety after diagnosis!! I am waiting for a re referral to an ms specialist though, so hopefully that will be more productive.

What!!! You’re diagnosed with MS but your symptoms aren’t real? How bl**dy appalling in the extreme! I’m not diagnosed but still have all the relevant drugs. Your GP can prescribe them - go ask, MrsH, go ask. Simply shocking…

Yep. The neuro told me that she was “concerned” that the symptoms had not been consistent since that start of the relapse. That was 14 weeks ago now. I am still exhibiting the symptoms but nothing is improving. When I asked her about my problems with temperature control, she barked " you’re 41 for goodness sake, it’s your hormones". She then told me to belt up and get on with my life.

I’m truly, honestly speechless (and that doesn’t happen too often)! What a complete minger. I wonder why these people do these jobs if they don’t want to help people or don’t believe symptoms are real! Good grief. Have you given bad feedback on her? You need a new neurologist fast. Mine was so different - she asked if I have any urinary problems and I mentioned the fact that I have to rock backwards and forwards to make sure my bladder’s empty and she asked “doesn’t that worry you?” I said “not really, I’ve got used to it and it doesn’t affect my life” to which she said “you’re only 43 you shouldn’t just put up with these things”. It was the opposite way round - me telling her it was ok her telling me it isn’t - what a totally different experience to you.

Anyway - 41 is quite young for hormonal flushes really. Not sure what to say! Flabbergasted


My GP is amazing…really understanding and caring. In fact I sent her flowers after I was diagnosed coz she seemed really moved and apologised for not wanting to tell me her suspicions!! I am now thinking, maybe I should do my own research into what meds I would benefit from and ask her to prescribe. My overwhelming symptoms are vertigo / dizziness, spasms in legs, fatigue and ms fog. Any ideas would be welcomed. Xx