Moving to Gilenya

Ok, so i saw neuro this morning and the wheels have been set in motion to go onto gilenya. I was advised to onto gilenya the week prior to starting rebif. Ive been on rebif 5 weeks and relapsed 2 weeks ago (4th relapse since august last year. Ive also been given a 5 day course of steroids to help my legs. In his words they are very weak and my walking is of concern. Continence nurse has again been refused by myself. (Im 33 not 63) Im dubious with using the steroids but will give them ago this time and see if they help

sounds like you are going through the mill and I hope gilyena works well for you (I’m starting it a week today). You can just see how steroids help; if you’ve found they generally suit you hopefully they will again. Out of interest why have you refused to see the continence nurse if you are having continence issues? my continence nurse is ace - just so understanding and helpful and totally unfazed by anything I tell her. It’s been liberating getting back a bit of control in that area so I would urge you to reconsider if it’s embarrasment holding you back. Hope your legs feel stronger soon.