Moving fast

Well I went to rheumatologist who said it defiantly isn’t arthritis, got my app for neuro and went to see him on 28th December and he sending me for head and neck MRI which I have on Friday 13th ( joy !!). I also go to see the orthoptist on the 12th after I went for an eye test as it all went a bit screwy ( found out my double/ blurred vision and problem judging distance is my eyes not working together !). Anyway just kind of feel pinned down by it all yet glad things are moving fast at the same time. Trouble is I just get so mixed up when I get there even though I write stuff down both on my phone and hard copy I feel like I am not explaining myself properly, really frustrating. Wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe new year and thank everyone on this forum for being fabulous … See now there was a point to posting on here but I seem to have lost the thread today !! Apologies I tended to waffle before limbo now it just gets worse. I have a question does anyone else lose a word in the middle of a sentence or conversation and you have to stop until you find it again ? You can describe what the word is what it does etc but you just CANT get it out ??? Really upsetting me at the moment xx

Good news that things are moving in the right direction. The diagnosis process can be anything from a whirlwind to participating in a snails" marathon. Whirlwinds are the better option although I bet it doesn’t feel like it at the time! Forgetting words is incredibly common in MS. Sooo frustrating, but it gets easier to deal with as you get more used to it, and others get more used to you doing things like waving your hands about and saying ‘you know, THAT thing…’ and ‘you know what I mean’ etc. I used to be able to spot the holes in my sentences before I got to them and have the time to paraphrase. These days I tend to stop dead, mouth agape like a goldfish. That’s when I don’t say completely the wrong word that is! That has caused some very funny moments over the years. (It is definitely better to laugh than cry.) You may find that the word finding and confusion improve, but if they don’t, you should ask to see a neuropsychologist - they can assess your cognitive skills and advise on what might help. I hope the MRI isn’t too arduous (I always find them boring, but very noisy!) and that you get some answers soon. Btw, you can get a copy of your scans on disc if you ask when you have it done. They may charge you something (£18.50 at my hospital) but it’s rather cool to have pictures of your brain :slight_smile: But then, I am a complete geek! Karen x

Hi Luelle I’m always forgetting words - people’s names, nouns etc and stopping dead in the middle of a sentence wondering what I was about to say. It’s very frustrating but as Karen says you find strategies to cope with it or get laughed at by your children for the odd things you say! Teresa xx