Movicol v Laxido

My local health trust has instructed all GPs to prescribe Laxido instead of Movicol. My pharmacist says it’s £1.00 cheaper!I manage my constipation quite well with one Movicol sachet per day. Is Laxido just as good?

Hi John I thought it was the same thing. I get it on prescription and sometimes I get Movicol and sometimes Laxido. It certainly works the same! Teresa xx


It’s the same thing - I asked my doc when I was first given Laxido instead of Movicol in my prescription bag. Just a cheaper manufacturer/provider.


I’ve just bought laxido does it taste as bad as movicol?

It’s the same thing. They are both types of magrogol, which is what my prescription is for. There is a choice of two flavours, vilest orange flavour and sugar free sort of nothing flavour. That’s the one I opt for. My repeat prescription has a standing order to never, ever give me the vile orange one.


Yes it’s the same thing, hope it’s working ok for you!

I think that Laxido tastes worse (if that’s even possible!) Once I was able to get chocolate flavoured Movicol…yes, really. The so-called chocolate flavour did nothing to improve the taste!

I didn’t know you could get flavourless, does it

literally just taste like plain water?

Not exactly, but it’s not unpleasant, there might be a very faint trace of citrusy type flavouring. I’ve been taking it for years and cannot abide the orange flavour. But to me the sugar free one doesn’t really taste of much and is more innocuous.


Prune juice is the way forward. Natural and more effective than any of the prescription meds I tried

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