Morning Afternoon or Night ?

Might be a bit of an odd question but do you have a time of day that is particularly worse ?

For me, without doubt the first hour or so after getting up in the morning is my worst time of day.

Obviously if I over do things through out the day then my mobility finally gives up anyway, but other than that getting out of bed in the morning and trying to get mobile is my worst time.

I put this down to my muscles stiffening up during sleep ?

Some morning are worse than others, to the point that it’s almost impossible to dress or even walk to the bathroom.

A few hours later though things do tend to ease ever so slightly.

I agree. I completely seize up whilst I’m asleep.

That mad dash to the loo is fraught with jeapordy!

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Night time is the most uncomfortable for me. Twitches spasms and consequent cramp hassle me so much more than in the daytime.

Night time worse for me as I get worse as te day goes on.

Morning wise I just need a coffee to wake up and 30-60 mins to get past any groggy feeling left over from the Amitriptyline I took the night before.

Strangely for me midday just before and after lunch is really bad for me. The little bit of mobility that I have virtually disappears for about 2 or 3 hours, much better again later in the afternoon.

Hi my worst time is when I go to bed, can’t get off to sleep straight away due to pain in legs, even though I’ve taken all my meds.

Then start thinking about obscure things, sorting problems etc, trying to get legs in comfortable positions!

Once asleep don’t wanna get up in morning cause at last comfy! So then that’s my worst time, getting up and struggling in bathroom!


Wow, we are all so different .

I sleep ok, sometimes the odd spasm, but by the time morning comes and I have to get up I literally walk like a robot, my legs and back are unbelievably stiff.

Mid-afternoon is when any energy I had drains out through my boots. Things pick up again a bit about tea-time, but afternoons are a write-off for me.


Mine has varied as I progressed. For the first 5 years, midafternoon was the worst. I was still in school and found myself either falling asleep in class or getting lost while walking the halls.

Ten years later, getting up in the morning was so excruciatingly painful and difficult that I began setting my alarm an hour earlier just so that I’d have enough time to loosen up and get ready for work.

Add another decade, and it was around suppertime and beyond. I could get myself home from work, but I’d either have such extreme brain fog that I wouldn’t know if I’d taken a shower unless I felt my wet hair or I just wouldn’t have the strength to make even a quick supper. I’d frequently wake up in the morning and have absolutely no memory of anything after 5 pm.

Now, after 40 years, I get up around 8 am, and my best time is between 10-1. Before that, I’m very stiff and have difficulty moving. After that, I’m very tired and usually spend at least a couple hours in the afternoon stretched out in bed (although not necessarily sleeping). I take it easy the rest of the evening and go to sleep around 11. My family knows that if they need my help with something or want me to go somewhere, it has to be in that 10-1 timeframe.

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Yes me too.

Morning. Once i get up (i sleep with cage over legs and 1 2mg diazepam at night helps night time spasms) my legs are stiff like i am walking in concrete. i have a commode by my bed no way do i really attempt to walk in the night unless i have had my tablet as on occasions have fallen into the wardrobe lol.

so i get up 7am, and i move the legs which slowly wake up and let the dog out for a pee.

i then spend an hour washing and getting dressed. sometimes i wear a long sleeve t shirt in bed which i leave on after i have had a wet wipe down under the armpits lol if i am uber tired. and just shove jumper over. well hell no one sees me or gets close enough to sniff me apart from my dog ha ha.

once i have gotten dressed my legs are moving just about with my rollator to steady myself. then lucy goes out for her poop (lucy is my dog not a hidden human lol). she is on a lead she always uses one piece of ground right by my patio so its easy for me to walk a few paces and pick up.

then its breakfast. I leave nestle shreddies to soak in milk whilst tending to lucy. then she has a bit of nosh and i do too. i put up my flask for my later coffee make my coffee ready. shove it into hatchway to sitting room.

i may have enough energy to do a little tidy. then its sat down for 9am to rest and catch up on facebook messenger lol.

10am cappuccino coffee and a dark chocolate rice cake. yum. between 10 and 12 its watching stuff fiddling on laptop and getting up and down off recliner to answer numerous door bells (usually parcels. i find i spend a lot on Internet when i am depressed so a LOT OF DOOR BELLS lol. so just getting up and down off recliner is like going to gym. lol.

My Meals on wheels turns up at 12.30 so i can have my lunch. my cleaner care worker comes at 1pm and i sit and chat to her and watch her working lol. (of course lucy has been out and we have also managed to play ball etc).

4pm after long rest i take her out on my electric wheelchair around my complex she is 13 so doesn’t need to have a massive walk. 5pm i am POOPED yes done in after an exhausting hard day on the RECLINER OFFICE afternoon for me is a bust.

bed 5pm. I have some yoghurts and 2 bags of pom bears in bed for my tea, and watch comedy on amazon (currently MASH and golden girls), and asleep by 7pm, and then the saga continues like GROUND HOG DAY LOL.

so my verdict is AFTERNOONS are a bust. Morning once the legs are moving is my best time. Early morning about 4am my brain is super active shame about the body lol. xlaugh

Mornings, oh yes, mornings - how I dislike them. To get me going I need a kickstart, or maybe a few turns of the crank handle (one for the oldies there.) However, as the day goes on things almost always improve, yay!

Actually, this is an extension of how I was before MS. Since toddlerhood I’ve never liked mornings (I used to sing ‘I don’t like Mornings’ to the chorus of Bob Geldof’s hit re. Mondays). This damned condition has just added to the challenge.



for montha i functiom better 11-3. the othre 20 houra in the day is pot luck


I just find that the mornings are when I’m most stiff, some days are a lot worse than others.

By around 3pm I’m truly wiped out, especially if I’ve done too much standing or walking, which in reality is very little compared to a “normal” person.

Out of curiosity I strapped on one of those fitbit watches last week just to measure how many steps I did throughout a standard day, it was 736 steps which I thought was good considering all the stopping I have to do, but when compared to my wife, she did 6023 through out her day, which in fairness she is always running around like a crazed person, my son did 13500, which included a long walk in the evening.

He always aims for over 10000 steps per day.

Oh, how I’d love to go far a long evening walk…crying

Nights were bad, but the Amitriptyline helps. Mornings are ok till I shower and do my hair, then I just want to go back to bed again as I’m exhausted. Once I’ve had breakfast I’m not too bad, but by lunchtime I’m exhausted yet again. If I sleep in the afternoon I find it makes me irritable and I struggle with the evening. Can’t wait till the weather is warmer just so I can sit in the garden rather than being trapped indoors.