More than tired

Last month was hard but good , but this month I’ve started with bad tinnitus and anxiety , I think last month I put everything on hold while I ran around like a scolded cat, I did extra voluntary work and seemed to be on a high taking Molly all over the place and doing more generally…my doing more is always different to normal people’s as I can be exhausted but hide it well by smiling in my wheelchair , some days my legs were burning but I worked through on adrenalin. There were days I’d be out at 8 am. Sadly it’s caught up with me I feel like a zombie I could sleep forever, I hope i get another boost of energy soon. It’s true what they say …helping others always gives us joy. It’s a shame it can’t last. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Start helping you Michelle. If you fail, everything goes down hill. That tinnitus & fatigue will catch up & put you to sleep.

It’s good that you’re keeping active & helping others, but when the leader shuts down. The outcome is obvious.

Have fun out there & keep it real.


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Terry speaks sense.

Fighting fatigue face on is futile. Out-think it instead by resting and regaining energy.

If you know the cost of being active you can either pace yourself or do as much as you can and hang the consequences. I follow the latter because I get great satisfaction from cocking a snook to the beast.

I often become resigned to the effects but I’m always lying in wait for my next surge.

I’m doing early mornings for my radiotherapy this week and I know what it’ll do to me. I hope Molly will understand this undulating, often mountainous terrain of life we lead.

Your energy amazes me.

Steve x woof.


Hi Michelle It’s an absolute bummer I feel for you. The only thing I find helps is to rest as much as you can and be kind to yourself. Hope it eases soon for you. Pam x


Thanks Terry, I think you are right , it’s caught up with me I’m sure I’ll bounce back eventually. Michelle and Frazer xx

Aww Steve , I’m really thinking about you, all the best with the next few weeks. You are a great guy we all love your blogs . Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Pam , I’ll try my hardest to rest I promise in fact I feel like I could sleep forever. Michelle and Frazer xx

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