more than one L/P anyone ?

hi everyone , loving the new site and just about finding my way around after not visiting for quite awhile !!

still under my neuro , and still undiagnosed !!

saw him last week and after doing examination he wasnt overall happy ect he checked bloods from when i last saw him feb , he said the ESR AND CRP were both up ???

he now wants to repeat L/P ( which i had 2years ago , and was very poorly afterwards !! )

So question , has anyone had repeat L/P that got them results ????

am i wasting hospital time having it repeated ???? if it were clear the 1st time round ????

im really not sure what to do ???

any advice welcome

                                 cheers sue x


Hi i had lp and mri feb 2009 while in hospital for eye problems they all came back clear, then had mri and lp 2010 wich led to my dx so yes i would get it. my first lp took 15 attemps and second 22 so i was ill with them to. Iwas blissfully unaware what i was being checked forconfused

I had one in 1993, nothing in it so was wrongly dx with a 'stroke'


had one in 2006 was told there were only 2 bands in it still dont know what the are, neuro told me ordineraly 2 bands are not enough but looking on how my symptoms present themselves he felt confident giving me my ms dx,


you can refuse the LP, they can do other tests to give you a dx,


I had the lot

bladder scan,

the one where loads of electones on your head and under your eyes than you have to look at a chequered board,

loads of blood tests

so there are no real reasons why a LP has to be done.

I only wish I knew that in 2006, I would have not had it done.


Al x

I have had 2 LPs one in 2006 and one this year both showed Oligoclonal bands.