More normal tests and more symptoms

Hi guys

ive now had the following tests

mri - brain cervical Jan, brain cervical April, Lumbar thoracic May,

lumbar puncture - May

all these tests have come clear? Even the Lp, I have had some neuro exams too all taking ten minutes or so that were normal

the lhermittes I had has mostly remitted but now when I cough I get tingling in my foot that lasts for hours after the cough

the hand tinglins gone, feet burning has lesesened and lnly with shoes on really

what I do have though is pain in both legs and arm, legs are like tight crampy pains and the arms are like someone keeps pinching me or I’ll have a muscle that hurts too touch like it’s bruised

do these shmptoms sound like Ms or something else like fibromyalgia?

its the Lhermittes that worries me, can it be Ms with all normal tests or is it normal that so early in the diseas that the tests are normal

Hi Kris,

I’m normally the first to warn people off Google, as it can be anxiety-fuelling and misleading, but having a quick look at the Wiki article on L’hermitte’s for you, although it’s often regarded as characteristic of MS, it’s by no means specific to that, and can be associated with a number of other conditions.

L’hermitte’s is NOT one of the diagnostic criteria for MS, and that in itself demonstrates that it is not considered a reliable enough indicator, so I’m not sure why you’re having it, but I do not think it’s proof of MS.

I notice it can even be associated with SSRI or SNRI withdrawal. I have had neurological symptoms on attempting to reduce or quit “new generation” anti-depressants, although I don’t think mine would have met the definition of L’hermitte’s, exactly, as it was not associated with bending the head forward. It was, however, an electrical sensation associated with head and/or eye movements.

There is no certain proof that anyone doesn’t have MS, any more than that they do. However, in general, the risk of it eventually turning out to be MS does fall, with the length of time symptoms have been present, and the number of tests that come back clear.

It’s not something that stays invisible forever, so as time goes on, every clear test is a little more weight on the side of it NOT being MS.


Hi Thanks Tina

i read the same about the longer tests are clear etc and I do have some slight disc bulges at three levels in my neck but nothing that they think will cause issues, finromyalgia is the other one but I’m a bloke so less likely

i think I have to wait and see but it’s hard with so many problems that keep getting worse, it’s odd how it’s presented too it’s very widespread which worries the crap out of me

Hi Krisp

my symptoms are widespread too . I’m yet to have a scan , having Ms doesn’t scare me so much it’s how bad my symptoms are at the start !

p.s I don’t think you have it


Hi Kat

thats what’s been my worries

the average time to cane is 12-15 years in RRMS and in PPMS 25% need one after 7 years, all that I can cope with, but that’s averages and ive had so much so far! How you getting on now anyway?